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Monsterfied Ted Bundy by Firelizard54 Monsterfied Ted Bundy :iconfirelizard54:Firelizard54 1 0 Corrosarch, The Sludge Queen Pokemon WIP by Firelizard54 Corrosarch, The Sludge Queen Pokemon WIP :iconfirelizard54:Firelizard54 1 0 Nian by Firelizard54 Nian :iconfirelizard54:Firelizard54 1 0 Masiaka by Firelizard54 Masiaka :iconfirelizard54:Firelizard54 1 0 Shyka by Firelizard54 Shyka :iconfirelizard54:Firelizard54 2 0 Bogart by Firelizard54 Bogart :iconfirelizard54:Firelizard54 1 0 Winged Hallow by Firelizard54
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Winged Hallow :iconfirelizard54:Firelizard54 1 0
Knucker by Firelizard54 Knucker :iconfirelizard54:Firelizard54 0 0
Bestiary Creature Types Vol.1
Abyssals- Also known as Demons or Devils, are monsters that originate from the underworld or are connected in some way. This includes Succubi, Incubi, Twisted Knights, Baels, Imps and Bogarts.
Beasts- Basic wildlife that includes but is not limited to Bears, Rabbits, Snakes, Kobolds and Behemoths.
Botaniphages- Plants that have evolved some form of sentience and vary in shape and size. This includes Ents, Treants, Arborachs, Spriggans and Dryads.
Crossbreeds- Monsters that are usaully a cross between two different animals such as a cockatrice, Griffin, Harpy, Crag Spider or Centaur.
Crustacelytes- Monsters that resemble crustaceans such as crabs, Lobsters and Shrimp. They live around lakes and other bodies of water. They are covered in hard chitin that they use like armor. This includes Shatterclaws, Drough, Beach Reaper and Cave Threshers.
Cursed Ones: Creatures that were at one point human, but through one mean or another, have become terrifying beasts. This category includes Wretche
:iconfirelizard54:Firelizard54 1 0
Twisted Knight by Firelizard54 Twisted Knight :iconfirelizard54:Firelizard54 1 0 Diversity of the valdobrachids by Firelizard54 Diversity of the valdobrachids :iconfirelizard54:Firelizard54 0 0
Life on Hermes-6 Vol.2
Aerocnidarians: Giant, floating jellyfish-like creatures that appear worldwide, from the chilled plains of Ayrianna to the warm, tropical savannah of South Sheimal. These airborne goliaths float through the sky like majestic flying Man'O'Wars feeding upon the microscopic Aeroplankton in the air. Like most other flying animals on Hermes-6, Aerocnidarians have special methane gas bags to help it stay in the air. Aerocnidarians start their lives as small grubs, slithering upon the ground in massive groups called a militia. Once they reach adolescence, they seperate in a great tornado like spiral as they rise into the air since their methane sacs have fully developed. One interesting species from Massul is the Radiant Floater (Methanepipleon Glaucus), known for their unique breeding ritual. Rather than laying eggs in a odd string upon the ground, it lays the eggs on another floater of a different species. The hatchlings act like parasites, feeding upon the host floater until they have fini
:iconfirelizard54:Firelizard54 1 0
Rip Dick by Firelizard54 Rip Dick :iconfirelizard54:Firelizard54 2 0
Life on Hermes-6
Seeing all these speculative evolution world project made me want to attempt my own. There are several continents on this planet, Calmuron, Massul, The Trocese Islands, Chratte, Terioma, Ayrianna, Halvonma, North Sheimal and South Sheimal, as well as  few oceans, The Trocese Sea, The Vast Hub, The Sea of Eden and The Great Rift. here is just a few of the groups the live on Hermes-6. I'm not the best at Binomial Nomenclature so if I used a word such as formes or brachids wrong, just inform me in the comments and i'll have it fixed.
Arboridactyls: Small, tree-faring vertebrates that live on the Trocese Islands and Massul. They spend most of their lives going from tree to tree, sucking a sap-like substance from the plants. They rest of their lives are spent searching for a mate and partaking in coitis with that mate. Once the female lays her eggs she will die, and the male will follow. That is, except for one species on massul, known as the coiters(Fornicatiodiutinus Brothus) which s
:iconfirelizard54:Firelizard54 1 0
Acrid Angel by Firelizard54 Acrid Angel :iconfirelizard54:Firelizard54 1 2 Iron Maul by Firelizard54 Iron Maul :iconfirelizard54:Firelizard54 2 1


Anthropozoic Posthumans by Dragonthunders Anthropozoic Posthumans :icondragonthunders:Dragonthunders 85 41 Extinct aliens (spec challenge) by TheDubstepAddict Extinct aliens (spec challenge) :iconthedubstepaddict:TheDubstepAddict 42 31 Star Wars Alien concepts by Aliencon Star Wars Alien concepts :iconaliencon:Aliencon 7 0 The Demogorgon by LinaPrime The Demogorgon :iconlinaprime:LinaPrime 48 1 Xenopaleontology by megabass22 Xenopaleontology :iconmegabass22:megabass22 117 26 The Roof of the World by Abiogenisis The Roof of the World :iconabiogenisis:Abiogenisis 1,035 211 Alien Encounter by JonHrubesch Alien Encounter :iconjonhrubesch:JonHrubesch 137 28 Aliens of the forest of Gliese667Cc by paleosir Aliens of the forest of Gliese667Cc :iconpaleosir:paleosir 18 25 Miracle Race by Sir-Conor Miracle Race :iconsir-conor:Sir-Conor 16 5 Inktober by FellFallow Inktober :iconfellfallow:FellFallow 59 12 Fisherphants and other Sarcoloxids by Dragonthunders Fisherphants and other Sarcoloxids :icondragonthunders:Dragonthunders 174 68 TMHOTW: Jobitheridae Sample by vcubestudios TMHOTW: Jobitheridae Sample :iconvcubestudios:vcubestudios 162 17 Magestone: Aboleth by Osmatar Magestone: Aboleth :iconosmatar:Osmatar 209 53 Vagabonds by Thresherer Vagabonds :iconthresherer:Thresherer 40 4 Serinaustran Steppe by Sheather888 Serinaustran Steppe :iconsheather888:Sheather888 89 6 Wendigo by Darksilvania Wendigo :icondarksilvania:Darksilvania 2,017 140


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I draw, play video games and go to school.
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Monsterfied Ted Bundy
Since ted bundy is such an infamous serial killer, I thought he'd make a great first submition into my monsterfication art project. I wanted a murderous mantis kind of feel to this design, with a little bit of innuendo... in sure you could tell what the innuendo is.
I've got a few entries in the works and thought I'd just leave a few in the order I'll be uploading them

Bogart- An octopus-like demon that feeds off the fears of mortals.
Shyka- A phantom of a girl who was bipolar.
Masiaka- A cross between a viper and a mantis.
Nian- An aquatic type of Vampire.
Spriggan- A botaniphage that roams the woodlands of the countries of Vernada, Kavunn, and Mornagd.
Storm Tail- A descendant of dragons that creates thunder storms.
Hopskinn- A type of glowing orgkin



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